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Gulf Coast Dementia Services, Inc. is a non-profit supporting individuals and their families who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Services provided are comprehensive Case Management, Care Advocacy, Education and Training, and Dementia Care Services.

Age in Place

Why is it important to provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia services on the Gulf Coast. 1. There are not enough comprehensive services to address the immediate issues. 2. Our population is growing older every day. 3. With education we can help individuals identify the early stages of the disease and increase the quality of life. 4. Our case management and care transition service can keep an individual from being re-admitted into a facility or hospital.

Our Mission

To educate, develop a plan of care, provide dementia care services and education allowing our elderly to Age in Place safely and healthy, by providing case management/care advocacy services, educational services and dementia care services.

Aging in Place 

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